Be a Happy Sharer

Everyone is a walking advertisement. Everyone can be prosperous through sharing.


About TTToken

2018, TTNetwork (the token issuing organization) follows the Ethereum ERC20 token standards

in the issuance of the cryptocurrency "TTTOKEN."

which is currently under development. Through the development of blockchain technology, we aim to build a platform of a sharing economy that covers all areas of life, including fashion, cuisine, shopping, entertainment, education and transportation. On our platform, everyone is the sharer and is a mobile advertisement at the same time. The sharers can utilize their connections, the uplines and downlines, to earn benefits in the ttshare system. The benefits earned by each sharer through interactive mining (or Proof of Interaction, PoI) create consumption needs through the activation of consumption scenarios. We hope ttsharers may bring the business model of the ecosphere of sharing economics plus blockchain tokens to each city, and create more landing application scenarios of diverse income.

Total market value

$ 0

Exchange rate

$ 0.044 USD

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Sharers and Mining

TTToken is obtained through “interactive mining”
We are not called miners, but we call this group of people who are willing to share as pushing hands.

“Interactive mining” is to encourage friends to complete specific trades or participate in certain activities,
and through which the sharer and his friends will be awarded with TTTokens.

Enjoy discounts and purchase goods with TTTokens at ttmall.
(Scheduled to open in 2022)


ttsharer builds pragmatic shared economic model with blockchain and is devoted to creating,
integrating and streaming each field of application service and platforms.

Push group established
TThouse platform online
Push coin officially released
2019 S1
Push the currency On the exchange
2019 S4
PushMall is online

Strategic Alliance

With TTToken as the token, we aim to allow TTToken holders to use it freely in all circumstances in their life. At the same time, we would also like to encourage potential partners who are interested in joining the TTToken business ecosphere or those who are interested in discounts on purchases with TTToken to contact us.